Valley residents 'Ready for Hillary' - KGBT-TV

But other people nevertheless want to become convinced she is actually ready being president.

"That's a very little team she will be talking for you to so let's notice what the lady is likely for you to do pertaining to individuals who aren't that will rich," mentioned Gabriel Ramirez.

"I'm still waiting to see several items fall throughout range however it is safe for you to say, she does not need my vote yet," Vela said.

Construction magnate Alonzo Cantu will host Hillary Clinton in Friday night to find a $2,700 for each person fundraiser.

"We just like Hillary Clinton, thus it's nice that they is actually including our Valley," stated Edinburg resident Estella Morin.

As among probably the actual most blue corners of a red state, Clinton has several supporters within the Rio Grande Valley.

Clinton just isn't the really first 2016 presidential candidate to become able to visit the particular valley, Texas Sen. Thus I'm looking forward to it," mentioned Edinburg resident Alvin Vela.. Rick Perry have got both created stops within the valley with regard to fundraisers as well as marketing campaign events.

While those who attend the particular fundraiser will most likely be in a new place to meet Clinton, many are hoping she'll decide to keep a public rally as well.

"I want to determine what your woman says down here," stated Edinburg resident Dora Alafa.

Some voters say rally or even not, the girl already features their own vote.

Hillary Clinton will arrive throughout McAllen Friday on her very first private fundraiser inside the Valley since the lady declared the girl candidacy regarding president.

"I think the girl is truly a strong woman along with politically I think the girl will be well informed and also I'm pertaining to her, I support her, we'd like a woman president," mentioned Edinburg resident Yolanda Lasso.

"I thinks it's awesome coverage towards the Valley. Ted Cruz and also former Texas Gov. I know the great offer of folks interested in politics down here as well as Hillary has been doing the lot of best for folks down here within our neck with the woods

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